Getting Started


We are affiliated to the British Model Flying Association, BMFA for short, founded in 1922 & is the Royal Aeronautical Clubs designated body to control model flying in the United Kingdom. The BMFA has approximately 30,000 members & about 600 clubs. We operate within their safety codes for model flying& carry third party insurance in the sum of £10,000,000 for each member.

How to get started

An important point is to visit the club first talk to people for advice & see the model flying then buy a model & radio equipment


It is possible to pick up second hand equipment, but as a rule we recommend buying new from a shop ( or over the internet) as you will have a guarantee should there be a problem, but the initial cost should be less than £250, depending on what you decide on. It is important that you speak to us for advice before you buy.

Training & Proficiency Certificates

We offer training at no cost to A & B certificate levels, the A test consists of basic manoeuvres to a level where the pilot is competent to fly on their own safely, able to take off , land & carry out some simple manoeuvres. Until the pilot has to passed the A test they will be accompanied by an instructor. The B test is to fly a more complex schedule in a more precise way & is often used as a condition if you want to fly in competitions or displays

Starting kit

There are a whole range of ready built models available, but what you need is a basic trainer , don’t be tempted by Spitfires or Lancasters these can come later when you learnt to fly. There are several makes of radio equipment available, this will be advised when we have a talk at the beginning, the main point about the transmitter is that it needs to be on “mode 2”that is with the throttle on the Left hand stick, the reason for this is that most of the instructors fly on that mode. When you come to the field with your model, charge up the night before the Transmitter & batteries for the model. Do not be afraid to ask for advice When you have bought a model if you feel tempted to have a try on your own our advice is DON’T it always ends badly!

When we can fly

Our flying times at the field are set by the Council, but we are also governed by weather, it is not recommended to fly when it is raining , in strong winds over 25 mph or bad visibility. Visitors are welcome but must provide proof of third party insurance & also level of ability A or B certificate if they want to fly solo.


All new members must have equipment on the 2.4 Ghz frequency, ( we do still have a few members who still use the older 35Mhz )


There are two ways of powering the models, up to a few years ago this would be Glo plug engines or possibly petrol engines but this has changed, the majority of people now opt for electric power, quieter & cleaner. With electric there is no problem with noise which could happen with the other engines. There is a limit set for the noise level of a model engine by The Dept of the environment of 82 Dba at 7 metres. Noise is the main reason for loss of flying fields, so it is important that the noise level is kept down by good silencing on Glo plug /petrol engines & good propellers these can make considerable differences.

About the club

Sale model club has been in existence since 1974, the membership is mainly adult, but has a junior membership, all types of models are flown from small fun fly gliders & detailed scale models & recently drones. The land where we fly is leased from Trafford Borough Council but maintained by the club at our own expense.
Model flying is recognised since 1992 by the British Sports Council as a Sport