Field and Safety Rules


Our Rules aim to provide the best enjoyment and satisfaction from our sport whilst providing the highest level of safety for members and visitors and protection of the public.
They are in line with BMFA safety codes and guidelines as recorded in the BMFA Handbook and CAP 658. These are given in full to new members and covered during site familiarisation for new members and training of members new to the sport.
They include safety and operation guidance covering
• The separate areas for Pits, Engine/Motor Starting or Arming, Pilots Box and Runways.
• Engine and Motor safety.
• Procedures for safe take offs, landings, low level operation and members on the field.
• Flying boundaries.
• Beginners training
• Radio system operation.
Instructors, Committee Members and Safety Officer are always happy to give guidance and advice.

Instructions from Instructors, Committee Members and Safety Officer must be complied with.
Happy flying-Paul Heslop-Safety Officer