Who We Are?

our mission

Sale Model Flying Club has been in existence since 1974 to promote the sport of building and flying of radio controlled model aircraft and encourage the youth in and around the area to become involved in a sport, but primarily to encourage the safe operation of the sport by all its participants. The membership is mainly adult, but has a junior membership .. The club has been flying for the whole of that time on land leased from Trafford Borough Council at Banky Meadow, in Ashton-on-Mersey. The club flies all types of powered aircraft and gliders of all shapes and sizes. Some of these models are exact replicas of real planes and fly in the same way as their real counterparts.

Extraordinary Experiences

Within the club are a number of internationally respected and proficient people including a model aircraft world record holder. During the hours set aside for flying, there are always qualified flying instructors on hand to show visitors or potential model club members the rudiments of this most demanding sport. These instructors will, over a period of time, take budding pilots through a course of lessons which in due course will enable them to fly a model on their own with safety. When the instructor feels that the pupil is ready for it, he will suggest that the novice takes the club flying test which, when passed will entitle the member to receive a certificate issued by our governing body, The British Model Flying Association. This certificate is the first stage towards even higher qualifications and is recognised world-wide.


We are affiliated to the British Model Flying Association, ‘BMFA’ for short, which was founded in 1922 and is the Royal Aeronautical Clubs designated official body to control model flying in the United Kingdom. The British Model Flying Association has approximately 30,000 members and 600 plus clubs and, being affiliated to our governing body, ‘The BMFA’, we operate within their safety codes for Model Flying and carry third party insurance in the sum of £25,000,000 for each member of our club.

Sale Model Flying Club is BMFA affiliate number 210